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The Avery Review — Design and development for a journal of critical essays on architecture founded by Columbia University's Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation. The site features a unique color scheme generated with each new issue, interactive footnotes, and a reading progress indicator. View Website w/ Paul Bouchon, Scott Langer
Interactive Footnotes
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Satie is a book of illustrations and half-cooked ideas made between 2012–2014 and inspired by the history of thought. A record of historical sightings of Halley's Comet forms a loose chronological order that collectivize the individual works.
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Ziines — Art direction for a web app that automatically generates a collated saddle-stitch booklet from a user's Tumblr feed
A Thousand Characters One thousand unique illustrations of each character in a classical Chinese poem that consisted of 1000 non-repeating Chinese characters (千字文). These were drawn with my mouse using a dynamic drawing application I had programmed in Processing then manipulated further in Adobe Photoshop. A separate website where all 1000 illustrations will be online soon.
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CF. Goldman is a new womenswear brand launched by Chelsea Goldman. The design of the logotype involves always printing the first half of the name on the left and the second half on the right side on whatever surface it's printed on.
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Waterfall A website to stream the music of Evian Christ's Waterfall EP. The album artwork comes to life through dynamically generated water droplets. w/ David Rudnick, Paul Bouchon
New York Times Illustration for an article titled "China's Censored World" by Evan Osnos. AD: Aviva Michaelov
Platform — MFA Thesis Book (Ongoing) Made from assembling smaller print-on-demand books from three major vendors into a larger book, this book demonstrates variations and differences within standardized means of production.
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Underscore Quarterly Issue 10 Contributing newsprint poster supplement for the tenth issue of Underscore Quarterly published by Brooklyn-based imprinted Swill Children. Also featured as a publication for Brooklyn Shelf Life.
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Autolux Logo Logotype for the band, Autolux. The bottom insignia is abstracted from the characters "Light" and "Self"
Soundbug is an interactive widget disguised as an embedded audio player from Soundcloud to promote the release of "At War With Time" by The Bug. Various blogs were sent the embed code without context. Upon pressing play, the viewer is greeted with both a visual and auditory experience. w/ Paul Bouchon
Sorry Haters is a 22 × 28 inch poster. Content is self-explanatory.
IP2City is publication concerning the use of new geolocation tools to create a "localized web" to mirror the behavior of a neighborhood within a modern city. Includes documentation and sample source code for the project.
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Spirits is an attempt to create the unluckiest posters in the world, drawing from the visual language of East-Asian taboo symbols. Completed as part of the Site-Place project with Sheila Levrant De Bretteville.
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Tokyo Piff is an image-sharing app designed and developed by OKFocus. The design for the identity takes cues from found Japanese treatments of roman letterforms. CD: Ryder Ripps
REPLY Splash Page — Design and development for a placeholder page for design collective, REPLY.
Panoramic Landscapes — Textual documentation and process work for the Panoramic Landscapes iPad application. The gesture of the application owes most of its framework to the writings of Wolfgang Schivelbusch.
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Mr. Journal — Brand and interaction design for an online menswear journal with hopes of expanding into a printed newspaper. In trying to evoke the newspaper reading experience without resorting to skeumorphic qualities, the website features a large masthead with grayscale images. When the user scrolls down to read content, the masthead immediately shrinks and the pictures become full color to add the act of unveiling to the reading experience without inhibiting it.
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Chinese American Museum — Cover design for a bi-monthly magazine by the Chinese American Museum.
Miscellaneous Posters — A variety of posters completed between 2011–2013 for lecture announcements for the Yale School of Art.
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