is a designer and art director based in Brooklyn, NY. […]

Born — 1989 in Los Angeles
BFA — Art Center College of Design
MFA — Yale University

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Working in: Print, Interactive, Branding, Typography

Platform — MFA Thesis Book (Ongoing)

Made from assembling smaller print-on-demand books from three major vendors into a larger book, this book demonstrates variations and differences within standardized means of production. (Lulu: 6 × 9″, Blurb: 8 × 10″, Magcloud: 8.5 × 11″). The content of the book is a documentation of my visual studies during my two years at Yale which largely dealt with revealing, augmenting, translating and exaggerating the limitations of different platforms as a means of injecting a material context into a work of graphic design.


Written text and design for a publication concerning the use of new geolocation tools to create a “localized web” to mirror the behavior of a neighborhood within a modern city. Includes documentation and sample source code for the project.

A Thousand Characters

One thousand unique illustrations of each character in a classical Chinese poem that consisted of 1000 non-repeating Chinese characters (千字文). These were drawn with my mouse using a dynamic drawing application I had programmed in Processing then manipulated further in Adobe Photoshop. A separate website where all 1000 illustrations will be online soon.


Self-initiated Musical Instrument + Drawing App. Currently entering prototyping stage (Objective-C). Yinyue is a drawing program where the user uses his or her thumb to create generated imagery with preset brushes while a pixel value color reader bounces around, reacting to the phone’s accelerometer to play sounds determined by the RGB value of the pixel it crosses over.

Panoramic Landscapes

Textual documentation and process work for the Panoramic Landscapes iPad application. The gesture of the application owes most of its framework to the writings of Wolfgang Schivelbusch.

Mr. Journal

Brand and interaction design for an online menswear journal with hopes of expanding into a printed newspaper. In trying to evoke the newspaper reading experience without resorting to skeumorphic qualities, the website features a large masthead with grayscale images. When the user scrolls down to read content, the masthead immediately shrinks and the pictures become full color to add the act of unveiling to the reading experience without inhibiting it.


An attempt to create the unluckiest posters in the world, drawing from the visual language of East-Asian taboo symbols. Completed as part of the Site-Place project with Sheila Levrant De Bretteville.

Irma Boom Workshop

Working with Ghazaal Vojdani to craft an object intended to announce the start of a thesis workshop with renowned book designer Irma Boom, we took inspiration from how she works. As part of a well-known aspect of her working process, Boom often makes small scale mock-ups of her works before they’re produced to test the integrity of the design. We constructed a two miniature pallet boards housing miniature parent sheets of an imaginary book.

Reply, Splash Page

The design and development for the debut web page for Brooklyn-based design collective Reply features letters shifting in various typefaces, each with different animation features offset at a different speed. You can visit the site here.



Panoramic Landscapes iPad App

iPad application that takes advantage of the device’s built-in accelerometer. In order to view a video of someone walking in first-person perspective, the user has to actually be walking. If the user stops moving, the video also stops playing. In essence, in order to experience a video of traveling through a city block, you have to actually walk the length of the city block. This was an attempt to introduce physical dimensions into a time-based medium. For a workshop with Karel Martens. Extended video coming soon.

Underscore Quarterly Issue 10

Contributing newsprint poster supplement for the tenth issue of Underscore Quarterly published by Brooklyn-based imprint Swill Children. Also featured as a publication for Brooklyn Shelf Life.

The Circular Language of Ownership

Publication series that features an encyclopedic aggregation of the visual and syntactical signifiers of ownership. Format features multiple saddle-stitch booklets of 16 pages each, collated to form one larger book that is able to be appended as content is continually added.

Undergraduate Comprehensive 2012

Environmental graphics and identity design for an exhibition held by the undergraduate art department at Yale University. Sean Kuhnke, Sean Yendrys and I felt the humble packet of instant ramen noodles was a familiar college staple that was “comprehensively undergraduate.”


Design and art direction for an upscale boutique specializing in Asian woodworking tools and cutlery. Since “Aarde” means “Earth” in Dutch, it became more appropriate for the brand to put emphasis on the canvas rather than the tools–to put the focus on wood in its raw form, rather than the woodworking process itself.

Historical Publications Recreated from Memory

I was recently given access to a rare collection of radical publications at the Beinecke Rare Book Library in New Haven, Connecticut. Printed in small runs, these “sacred texts” that shaped the artistic and cultural discourse of the Twentieth Century. Given the difficulty of obtaining documentation of these artifacts, the only logical (or perhaps illogical) way for me to remember these works was by memory. In recalling the books, I noticed that the nature of my retention wasn’t always straightforward. This prompted me to make an experiment out of this. I gave myself two minutes to examine each publication and then two minutes to look away and not do anything as a control factor. I would then open up a design software of my choosing and recreate what I remembered. The only restrictions that I placed were that browsing the Internet or including photography were not allowed.

Miscellaneous Posters

A variety of posters completed for one-off events—mostly lecture announcements for the Yale School of Art.

Chinese American Museum

Cover design for a bi-monthly magazine by the Chinese American Museum.


Sun Up Sun Down

Website that displays webcam feeds of two cities at a time. On the left side is a webcam feed of a city where the sun is rising. On the right side is a webcam feed of a city where the sun is setting. As a continuing investigation in time and space, I was interested in the idea of being able to simultaneously visualize where the day is currently beginning and where it is currently ending at any given point of time. This website uses PHP to loop through an array of XML feeds from Yahoo! Weather. The website, in its current incarnation encounters two main issues: there is not enough web cam feeds in the array to be viewable for all twenty four hours and there is a 2-3 hour period where the sun is setting/rising in the middle of the Pacific Ocean (not much can be done).

Book and Snake

Equal parts a documentation of a performance and a work of metafiction regarding an attempt to brand the Tomb of the Book and Snake, a meeting place for one of the oldest secret societies at Yale University. Branding is usually a collaborative effort agreed upon by both the designer and client. A scenario was imagined where a designer would proactively brand a company without their expressed consent. This differs from mere proposal in that the branding is made public as an intervention and presented as official and thus anchors itself in reality and subverting its own illegitimacy.

Distance Provides Clarity

Design and concept for an exhibition catalog for Shanghai-based artist Zhang Huan. The book stands alone as a printed object, but also utilizes augmented reality technology to provide additional dynamic content. For the exhibition logo, customized Chinese characters were designed depicting Zhang Huan’s name. The geometric form of the characters implies a contemporary aesthetic without compromising the sense of mysticism attached to the artist.

Extended Information

I was born in the San Gabriel Valley of Southern California in 1989. On a trip to visit family in Taiwan when I was twelve, I saw the local recycling logo on a water bottle. I didn’t know what negative space was at the time but I knew it was dope. Around the same time I got into web design and that started freelancing. In 2007, I enrolled in the graphic design undergraduate program at Art Center College of Design. In 2010, among other accolades, I became one of the youngest recipients of the ADC Young Guns award (YG8). The following year I graduated from Art Center and enrolled at MFA program in graphic design at Yale University. My thesis explored confronting the limitations and potentials of media platforms as well as ideas of craft and materiality in digital contexts. I graduated in 2013. Previously I was the design lead at OKFocus, working with clients such as Nike, The Wolfsonian Museum, Atlantic Records, Red Bull Music Academy, and Phillips among others.

My enthusiasm for graphic design lies in its ability to orchestrate seemingly isolated actions into a broader cultural narrative. Everything somehow ends up becoming a form of storytelling and the platforms available today to present these points of view are becoming more robust than ever. Form and type will always be my first love but through my secondary interests in animation and programming, I have a solid understanding of, and willingness to participate in the technical steps involved throughout the entire design process.